As the owner and broker of Coxe Property Management & Leasing David C. Coxe comes from a legacy of New Orleans real estate over 50 years in the making. He currently manages over forty-five properties throughout the greater New Orleans area. What sets him apart for all the other companies in the area is his attention to detail.

As the son of a general contractor, David’s father encouraged him to become involved with real estate from a very young age. In 1983, David began his career as a sales agent with one of the largest real estate firms in the country. However, a dissatisfaction with the corporate culture inspired him to found his own property management company just six years later. That business became Coxe Management and Leasing which currently manages middle to upper income apartments, condos, single-family homes and multiplexes in the French Quarter, Central Business District, Garden District, Uptown, Carrollton and Algiers Point. Despite the great toll Katrina took on every aspect of life in New Orleans, CPM&L has managed to not only survive, but to thrive. He believes in keeping everything local to the Gulf Coast. From the people he hires, to the supplies he uses, even his webmaster.

Mr. Coxe prides himself on being more than just a leasing manager, personally managing and leasing of every property he oversees. When clients call the office, he even answers his own phone. “I consider each and every client a partner in our mutual success,” Coxe says. He gives out free quotes via his own website and openly encourages posting truthful reviews of his company online. He believes this will keep his company's good name in the spot light and as a much better way to get direct feed back from the people he serves.

As a lagniappe to his clients, he has made it his policy to include a binding arbitration clause in every lease, which protects property owners from frivolous lawsuits by tenants or their guests. This is a step not taken by usual property managers. This clause alone has the power to scare off more unscrupulous "professional tenants," the ones who look for common holes in typical leases that they can exploit for financial gain. He makes an effort to work with qualified tenants, those who are responsible enough to maintain their assigned property and pay rent in a timely fashion. It is difficult to argue with his tenants’ average three-year retention rate.

As any property manager knows, even harder than keeping good tenants is finding honest labor at a reasonable cost. Over the years, Coxe has developed a reliable network of painters, carpenters, appliance repairmen and plumbers who are on call twenty-four hours a day. Among this group of outstanding tradesmen is a man named Mickey. Having worked as a professional plumber, electrician and appliance repairmen, Mickey has over twenty years of on-the-job experience, and is a valued member of the Coxe team.

For property owners looking for the benefit of a well-established and innovative New Orleans

property manager, please contact David Coxe at Coxe Property Management & Leasing.