5995 Opus Parkway: The Ideal Environment for Those Seeking an Opportunistic Start

Opus Parkway is centered in the heart of a busy business district located just off the cross section of multiple major highways running through Minnetonka, Minnesota. Many companies reside in this area, including United Health Group, Marriott Hotels, Vital Images, and SCICOM Data Services. Suburban settings with various parks surround this section of Minnetonka, making it a great living and working destination. Located in Hennepin County, this metropolitan area resides only eight miles from Minneapolis with an estimated population of almost fifty thousand people. Its name means "Great Water" and originated from Dakota Indian terminology.

As mentioned above, the city houses Minnesota's largest public health care company, United Health Care. It is also the location for Cargill, which specializes in purchasing as well as the distribution of agricultural supplies. Minnetonka was founded in the 1850's, but not incorporated until the late 1950's. Originally a wilderness region turned into a farming community, this city soon became industrialized and has since advanced to the residential suburban area known today.

What Are the Residential and Business Benefits Offered By Minnetonka?

Three school districts lie outside of the 5995 Opus Parkway location: Hopkins, Minnetonka, and Wayzata. Hopkins covers the central eastern portions of the city while the others educate children located in the western or northern areas. Minnesota has an open enrollment program allowing children to attend in other districts if the family so desires. Private schools such as the Accell Academy or the Minnetonka Christian Academy are also available choices to residents.

The population is fairly equal in regards to male and female percentages, with the average age being around forty years. Regular income within the area ranges from fifty grand to eighty grand per household. Home values have risen from just under two-hundred thousand to over three-hundred grand over the last nine years. It is a steadily growing region with dependable school systems, great income opportunities, and resident stability. The city has a low crime rate, and taxes are higher due to increased investment in education.

5995 Opus Parkway is just one of the office locations available to any business desiring to take roots in a promising suburban region. It is a multi-tenant Class-A structure currently housing G&K services. This particular business specializes in branded apparel along with facility services. With a total of 165,000 square feet in space, this building makes its mark amidst the numerous structures in the business district. Visitors can use a direct walkway leading to the Marriott Southwest Hotel. Anyone can access the area from two Interstate Highways, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is right next door as well.

Buildings in this particular section of the community house many big businesses, making it a prime location for anyone wanting the perfect balance of residential living and commercial atmospheres. Arrow Head Lake, Bryant Lake, Oak Lake, and numerous parks add to the beauty of this advanced region. Minnetonka, Minnesota is a great location for anyone seeking new opportunities, or for those wanting the ideal residential setting to call home.

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