Friendly But Not Personal: Tip For Landlords

Nobody wants to be that one guy that nobody liked. As much as possible, we all want to be liked by everyone around us. If you are a landlord though, you should keep in mind that your most important goals are the following: find good tenants, protect the value of your property, manage it well, and to sell the property when the right time arises. That said, being liked by your tenants is somewhere in the lower part of your list of things you should want to achieve.

If you are honest and fair to them, they will respect you which is better than being liked. Be sure to deliver on what you have promised and be very clear in conveying what you are expecting of them. By being clear about your expectations, you are laying the groundwork for a good relationship with them.

One of the best ways you can handle your duties without being too personal with your tenants is to think of yourself as a property manager instead of a landlord. If you are familiar with how property managers do their job, it would make sense if you ask yourself what property managers would do in certain situations. When collecting rent, enforcing the rules of the lease, and responding to a complaint, think of how property managers will handle it and then do it.

Property managers will conduct these things in a businesslike manner. They are trained by experience not to allow personal feelings to get in the way or affect their behavior in any way. Although it is easier said than done because you know you own the home that your tenants are renting, with a little training, you could get the hang of it.

To be like property managers in dealing with your tenants, do not get too personally involved with your tenants. A small chat once a month when you drop by to collect rent would not hurt. Be careful though as some of your actions could be misinterpreted by the tenants. They might think that you are very nice but when they ask for favors like having a party in the property's backyard and you said no, they might think that you are misleading them. Technically, you did not do anything wrong but you would look different because of their expectation.

Just because you conduct things in a businesslike manner does not mean that you have to be bossy. Always be courteous and respectful. Do it not because it would make you look better to them as a landlord but because it is the right thing to do. After all, it is all about being friendly but not being too personal.

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