New Orleans property management

Property Management & Leasing owned and managed by David Coxe is best known for the amount of attention it provides to its clients. Encouraged by his father David stepped into the real estate business as a sales agent in 1983 in one of the largest firms in the neighborhood. Later David found himself looking for another job as a result of dissatisfaction with the working culture of the firm and the idea to establish his own company hit him and that company emerged as Coxe Property Management & Leasing and now manages middle to upper income apartments, condos, single-family homes and multiplexes in the French Quarter, Central Business District, Garden District, Uptown, Carrollton and Algiers Point. David believes in keeping everything he uses local from the people he hires to the supplies used. He himself manages all the property leases of his clients. Owners usually hesitate to answer the phone, David is nothing like them he answers whenever you call. He himself being honest appreciates honesty and likes it best when you are posting the truth about him in your reviews. He admits the fact that his success is not merely due to his efforts but his client’s as well. In order to protect property owners from unwanted lawsuits the New Orleans Property Management Companies has included a binding arbitration clause in every lease made. Normally, lawyers look for that particular hole in a lease that would help them acquire extra money from the owners. Finding labor at a reasonable cost is by far the most difficult task but the New Orleans Property Management has managed to do this perfectly well with the most reliable of tradesmen in town. New Orleans Property Managers have the right men for the right jobs; painters, carpenters, appliance repairmen and plumbers who are on duty around the clock. Among these men is Mickey who has worked as a skilled plumber, electrician and appliance repairmen who has achieved the status of indispensable.In order to hire the New Orleans Property Managers for their services feel free to call and as promised you get to talk to David Coxe himself.