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Do you ever ponder over the importance of a Signed Binding Arbitration Clause within your charter?Real Estate lease is loved by the average lawyer. Theses leases for the most part are filled with holes that lawyers like to take advantage of by making you pay for a mistake that you never even made in the first place. Experience taught me to include a binding arbitration clause. Years from now I didn’t have a lease that had an arbitration clause. The absence of which left me feeling completely helpless and unsafe and resulted in a sham organization suing me over a unjustified claim. While the case was being heard in the court, my lawyer wrapped up the case in a complete illegal manner and to which I remained ignorant till the end. I would have never had to go through the same trouble if I had a bidding Arbitration clause as such a suit could never be filed in a court in the first place. In addition to which the clause if seen by an immoral lawyer there are a good many chances that they are going to lay off. These lawyers have nothing to gain except for New Orleans Property Management Companies bringing the owner into him into arbitration with the cost of court fees, legal fees and appeals. The cost of going to the court is far more than the cost of arbitration. All in all you end up infront of a judge.So now does the binding arbitration clause sounds good enough? Ever since I added the Mental Anguish Clause since the 1995 I have but once been sued, somewhere in 2011. With this little clause safely in the lease I can make sure that not even the U.S Supreme Court can invoke it.