New Orleans Property Management

More than fifty years of Real Estate business Property Management & Leasing with the help of its owner David C. Coxe has managed to make it to the next level. Currently managing over forty-five properties in the Greater New Orleans region. Greater attention is what distinguishes the company from the rest.Motivated by his father; a general contractor, David C. Coxe embraced real estate at a very young age. David took over as a Sales Agent in 1983 at a renowned real estate firm. Still and all a dissatisfied David left the firm a six years later to form his own property management company and thus Coxe Management and Leasing came into being and middle to upper income apartments, condos, single-family homes and multiplexes in the French Quarter, Central Business District, Garden District, Uptown, Carrollton and Algiers Point are managed by them. He works on the principle of keeping each and everything local from his supplies to the people he hires. Mr. David is not merely a leasing manager, he supervises the managing and the leasing of all the properties never hesitating to answer the phone himself. Coxe considers his every client a partner in their mutual success. He appreciates honest reviews about the company and quotes free of cost are given away by him through his website. David happens to be of the belief that direct feedback from his clients is the key that lets a company live up to the its good reputation. With a complete sense of responsibility, New Orleans Property Managers sees to it that a binding arbitration clause is included in each and every lease in order to safeguard the owners of the property from unnecessary lawsuits by the tenants. Not many property managers take any initiative in this respect. Coxe has managed to create a network of the most hardworking people who take pride in their work being painters, plumbers and appliance managers. And remember they are just a call away. Mickey the tradesman, has been with the company for twenty years and is a qualified plumber, electrician and appliance manager who is worth a milestone for the New Orleans Property Management.For services of a professional New Orleans property manager feel free to contact David Coxe at Coxe Property Management & Leasing.