Property Management and Real Estate

David Coxe’s father who himself was a general contractor encouraged him into the Real Estate business at a very young age and thus began David’s career as a sales agent in one of the largest firms in Orleans. Six years later David found himself extremely discontent with the firm and went on to establish a company of his own thus Property Management and Leasing came into being. Middle to upper income apartments, condos, single-family homes and multiplexes in the French Quarter, Central Business District, Garden District, Uptown, Carrollton and Algiers Point are managed by the New Orleans Property Management Companies at the moment. David gives his maximum attention to each and every detail of his work and the New Orleans Property Managers are advised and do the same. You don't ever have to go through the trouble of making a hundred calls to get your desired results for a job you have it done once by talking to David, directly.Including the binding arbitration clause is another aspect that makes New Orleans Property Management stand out. It ensures the clients protection against unwanted lawsuits. The New Orleans Property Manager along with the reliable tradesmen which includes skilled plumbers, electricians, appliance repairmen, painters and carpenters make sure that you get the attention that you deserve. Please contact David Coxe at Property Management & Leasing for the services of a professional New Orleans property manager.